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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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B.3.3 Installation on PC Operating Systems

This section covers installation and usage of gawk on x86 machines running DOS, any version of Windows, or OS/2. In this section, the term "Win32" refers to any of Windows-95/98/ME/NT/2000.

The limitations of DOS (and DOS shells under Windows or OS/2) has meant that various "DOS extenders" are often used with programs such as gawk. The varying capabilities of Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Win32 can add to the confusion. For an overview of the considerations, please refer to `README_d/README.pc' in the distribution.

B.3.3.1 Installing a Prepared Distribution for PC Systems  Installing a prepared distribution.
B.3.3.2 Compiling gawk for PC Operating Systems  Compiling gawk for MS-DOS, Win32, and OS/2.
B.3.3.3 Using gawk on PC Operating Systems  Running gawk on MS-DOS, Win32 and OS/2.
B.3.3.4 Using gawk In The Cygwin Environment  Building and running gawk for Cygwin.

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