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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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B.2.2 Additional Configuration Options

There are several additional options you may use on the configure command line when compiling gawk from scratch, including:

Treat pathnames that begin with `/p' as BSD portal files when doing two-way I/O with the `|&' operator (see section Using gawk with BSD Portals).

Use the version of the gettext library that comes with gawk. This option should be used on systems that do not use version 2 (or later) of the GNU C library. All known modern GNU/Linux systems use Glibc 2. Use this option on any other system.

Disable all message-translation facilities. This is usually not desirable, but it may bring you some slight performance improvement. You should also use this option if `--with-included-gettext' doesn't work on your system.

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