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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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A. The Evolution of the awk Language

This Web page describes the GNU implementation of awk, which follows the POSIX specification. Many long-time awk users learned awk programming with the original awk implementation in Version 7 Unix. (This implementation was the basis for awk in Berkeley Unix, through 4.3-Reno. Subsequent versions of Berkeley Unix, and systems derived from 4.4BSD-Lite, use various versions of gawk for their awk.) This chapter briefly describes the evolution of the awk language, with cross-references to other parts of the Web page where you can find more information.

A.1 Major Changes Between V7 and SVR3.1  The major changes between V7 and System V Release 3.1.
A.2 Changes Between SVR3.1 and SVR4  Minor changes between System V Releases 3.1 and 4.
A.3 Changes Between SVR4 and POSIX awk  New features from the POSIX standard.
A.4 Extensions in the Bell Laboratories awk  New features from the Bell Laboratories version of awk.
A.5 Extensions in gawk Not in POSIX awk  The extensions in gawk not in POSIX
A.6 Major Contributors to gawk  The major contributors to gawk.

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