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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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14.3 A Grab Bag of awk Programs

This section is a large "grab bag" of miscellaneous programs. We hope you find them both interesting and enjoyable.

14.3.1 Finding Duplicated Words in a Document  Finding duplicated words in a document.
14.3.2 An Alarm Clock Program  An alarm clock.
14.3.3 Transliterating Characters  A program similar to the tr utility.
14.3.4 Printing Mailing Labels  Printing mailing labels.
14.3.5 Generating Word-Usage Counts  A program to produce a word usage count.
14.3.6 Removing Duplicates from Unsorted Text  Eliminating duplicate entries from a history file.
14.3.7 Extracting Programs from Texinfo Source Files  Pulling out programs from Texinfo source files.
14.3.8 A Simple Stream Editor  
14.3.9 An Easy Way to Use Library Functions  A wrapper for awk that includes files.

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