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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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12. Running awk and gawk

This chapter covers how to run awk, both POSIX-standard and gawk-specific command-line options, and what awk and gawk do with non-option arguments. It then proceeds to cover how gawk searches for source files, obsolete options and/or features, and known bugs in gawk. This chapter rounds out the discussion of awk as a program and as a language.

While a number of the options and features described here were discussed in passing earlier in the book, this chapter provides the full details.

12.1 Invoking awk  How to run awk.
12.2 Command-Line Options  Command-line options and their meanings.
12.3 Other Command-Line Arguments  Input file names and variable assignments.
12.4 The AWKPATH Environment Variable  Searching directories for awk programs.
12.5 Obsolete Options and/or Features  Obsolete Options and/or features.
12.6 Undocumented Options and Features  
12.7 Known Bugs in gawk  

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