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The GNU Awk User's Guide

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9.1 Built-in Functions

Built-in functions are always available for your awk program to call. This section defines all the built-in functions in awk; some of these are mentioned in other sections but are summarized here for your convenience.

9.1.1 Calling Built-in Functions  How to call built-in functions.
9.1.2 Numeric Functions  Functions that work with numbers, including
                                intsin and rand.
9.1.3 String-Manipulation Functions  Functions for string manipulation, such as
                                splitmatch and sprintf.
9.1.4 Input/Output Functions  Functions for files and shell commands.
9.1.5 Using gawk's Timestamp Functions  Functions for dealing with timestamps.
9.1.6 Bit-Manipulation Functions of gawk  Functions for bitwise operations.
9.1.7 Using gawk's String-Translation Functions  Functions for string translation.

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