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Font utilities

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2.2.1 Archives

The canonical source for all GNU software, including the GNU C compiler, GNU make, and Ghostscript, is `prep.ai.mit.edu []:pub/gnu'. That directory is replicated at many other sites around the world, including:

United States:
  wuarchive.wustl.edu   gatekeeper.dec.com:pub/GNU
  uxc.cso.uiuc.edu      ftp.uu.net:packages/gnu

  archive.eu.net        src.doc.ic.ac.uk:gnu    ftp.funet.fi
  nic.funet.fi:pub/gnu  ugle.unit.no            isy.liu.se

  ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp   utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp:ftpsync/prep

You can also order tapes with GNU software from the Free Software Foundation (thereby supporting the development of the font utilities and the rest of the GNU project); send mail to `gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu' for the latest prices and ordering information, or retrieve the file `DISTRIB' from a GNU archive.

The canonical source for the X window system is `export.lcs.mit.edu:pub/R5'. That directory is also shadowed at many other sites, including `gatekeeper.dec.com'. The FSF also sells X distribution tapes.

TeX is more scattered. A complete Unix TeX distribution is available for ftp on the machine `byron.u.washington.edu', or by ordering a tape from the University of Washington (send email to `elisabet@u.washington.edu'. What is on `byron' for ftp is often out-of-date, though.

The canonical sources for just Web2C--the port of just TeX, Metafont, and friends to Unix, without DVI processors, fonts, macro packages, etc.---are:

ftp.cs.umb.edu []:pub/tex/                  (Boston)
ics.uci.edu []:TeX/                          (California)
ftp.th-darmstadt.de []:pub/tex/src/web2c/   (Germany)

At all these sites, the files to retrieve are `web.tar.Z' and `web2c.tar.Z'.

The DVI-to-PostScript driver we recommend is Tom Rokicki's Dvips, and the X window system driver we recommend is Paul Vojta's XDvi. These programs are available from, respectively,

We have modified XDvi and Dvips to use the same path searching code as the current distribution of TeX and these font utilities; the modified versions are available from `ftp.cs.umb.edu:pub/tex'.

To use Metafont, you must have a file defining output devices. (See section 11.1 Metafont and BZRto.) We recommend you obtain `modes.mf' from

You can retrieve the document describing all the details of the naming scheme for TeX fonts from

ftp.cs.umb.edu []:pub/tex/fontname.tar.Z

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