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Font utilities

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Index Entry Section

undefined characters in fonts5.3.1 Character names
UnderlinePosition in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
UnderlineThickness in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
undoing changes in XBfe13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
unencrypted Type 1 fonts11.2 Type 1 PostScript fonts and BZRto
UniqueID in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
United States, font design protection law16.1.1 Legal issues
unknown font name11.5 Invoking BZRto
usage of BZRedit14.1 BZRedit usage
usage of Charspace9.1 Charspace usage
usage of GSrenderfont15.1 GSrenderfont usage
usage of Imageto6.1 Imageto usage
usage of IMGrotate7.1 IMGrotate usage
usage of XBfe13.1 XBfe usage
use-before-definition in CMI files9.2.8 CMI processing
user interface copyrightB.2 User interface copyright

validity of fonts, checking4.1 Bug criteria
verbose configure messages, suppressing2.1 The configure script
verbose output3.3.2 Common options
version fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
version in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
version number, finding3.3.2 Common options
Vienna treaty16.1.1 Legal issues
viewing image files6.1.1 Viewing an image
virtual fonts16.2 Program features
Vojta, Paul2.2.1 Archives
volunteering16. Enhancements
VPATH2.1 The configure script

Wall, The11.1.2 Proofing with Metafont
warnings in `Bitmap.c'2.3 Problems
wc15. GSrenderfont
web.tar.Z2.2.1 Archives
web2c2.2.1 Archives
web2c.tar.Z2.2.1 Archives
Weight in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
whitespace characters in data files5.2 Common file syntax
widgets/Bitmap.c2.3 Problems
width BPL property12.1.2 BPL characters
width CCC dimension11.4.2 CCC move statements
width in char-width command9.2.3 char-width command
widths of numerals9.2.3 char-width command
window size for XBfe16.2 Program features
worst fit, in subdivision10.1.5.5 Subdivision

x prefix7.1 IMGrotate usage
x prefix8.1.1 Fontconvert output options
X programs failing2.3 Problems
X resources10.1.9 Displaying fitting online
X resources13.2 Invoking XBfe
X resources unrecognized2.3 Problems
X server, specifying10.1.9 Displaying fitting online
X server, specifying13.2 Invoking XBfe
X toolkit options13.2 Invoking XBfe
X window system, obtaining2.2.1 Archives
X11 libraries2.2 Prerequisites
X11/IntrinsicP.h2.3 Problems
Xaw library, linking with2.3 Problems
xbfe13. XBfe
XBfe failing2.3 Problems
XBfe options13.2 Invoking XBfe
XBfe resource file2.3 Problems
XBfe resources, customizing13.1 XBfe usage
XBfe usage13.1 XBfe usage
XBfe, changing characters13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
XBfe, exiting13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
XBfe, reverting characters13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
XBfe, saving changes13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
xdvi2.2.1 Archives
xheight CCC dimension11.4.2 CCC move statements
xheight fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
XtIsRealized2.3 Problems
XtWindowOfObject2.3 Problems

zero-order continuity10.1.5.2 Finding tangents

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