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Font utilities

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Index Entry Section

hand-editing bitmap fonts13. XBfe
hand-editing character bitmaps13.1.2 XBfe shape editing
hand-editing character metrics13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
hand-editing kerns13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
hand-editing side bearings13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
header bytes in TFM8.1.4 Fontwide information options
header files16.4 Implementation
height CCC dimension11.4.2 CCC move statements
help, online3.3.2 Common options
hexadecimal character code3.3.3.2 Numeric character codes
hints16.2 Program features
hints, editing14. BZRedit
Holmes, Kris16.1.1 Legal issues
hook, for bpl-mode14.1.3 Editing BPL files
housing developments10.1.5.5 Subdivision

ics.uci.edu2.2.1 Archives
identification in BZR files11.6.2 BZR preamble
identification of BZR format11.6.4 BZR postamble
identifier, defining in CMI files9.2.4 define command
identifiers9.2.1 CMI tokens
identifiers, redefining in CMI files9.2.8 CMI processing
IFI abbreviation5.1 File format abbreviations
IFI files6.2 IFI files
IFI files, naming6.2 IFI files
image file, viewing3.2 Creating fonts
image file, viewing6.1.1 Viewing an image
image font information files6.2 IFI files
image input formats6. Imageto
image rotation7. IMGrotate
image rows, definition of6.1 Imageto usage
image to font conversion6.1.2 Image to font conversion
image, converting to ASCII6.3 Invoking Imageto
imageto6. Imageto
Imageto options6.3 Invoking Imageto
Imageto usage6.1 Imageto usage
Imageto, used by GSrenderfont15. GSrenderfont
imageto/main.c2.3 Problems
IMG abbreviation5.1 File format abbreviations
imgrotate7. IMGrotate
IMGrotate options7.2 Invoking IMGrotate
IMGrotate usage7.1 IMGrotate usage
implementation16.4 Implementation
improvement threshold for reparameterization10.1.5.4 Reparameterization
improvements, possible future16. Enhancements
improvements, suggesting4. Bugs
include/c-auto.h, creation of16.4 Implementation
include/c-auto.h, editing2. Installation
information flow, description of3.2 Creating fonts
information flow, picture of3.1 Picture
initial character displayed13.2 Invoking XBfe
initializing t10.1.5.1 Initializing t
input filename, specifying3.3.1 The main input file
inside curves11.6.3.2 BZR character shapes
inside outlines10.1.1 Finding pixel outlines
INSTALL variable for configuration2.1 The configure script
installation2. Installation
installation bugs, reporting4.2 Bug reporting
installation directories2.1 The configure script
installation prefix, default2.1 The configure script
installation problems2.3 Problems
interactive outline editing14. BZRedit
Interactive Unix2.3 Problems
interface copyrightB.2 User interface copyright
interline space9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
interword space9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
IntrinsicP.h2.3 Problems
introduction1. Introduction
invalid output fonts4.1 Bug criteria
inverting pixels13.1.2 XBfe shape editing
invocation of BPLtoBZR12.2 Invoking BPLtoBZR
invocation of Charspace9.3 Invoking Charspace
invocation of Fontconvert8.1 Invoking Fontconvert
invocation of GSrenderfont15.2 Invoking GSrenderfont
invocation of Imageto6.3 Invoking Imageto
invocation of IMGrotate7.2 Invoking IMGrotate
invocation of Limn10.2 Invoking Limn
invocation of XBfe13.2 Invoking XBfe
Invoking BZRto11.5 Invoking BZRto
isFixedPitch in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto
isspace5.2 Common file syntax
isspace9.2.1 CMI tokens
italic corrections16.2 Program features
ItalicAngle in PostScript fonts11.5 Invoking BZRto

join point of lines and splines10.1.7 Changing lines to splines

kern CMI command9.2.5 kern command
kerns, adding13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
kerns, defining in CMI files9.2.5 kern command
kerns, deleting13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
kerns, hand-editing13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
kerns, typesetting16.2 Program features
key bindings in XBfe13.1 XBfe usage
keyword/value list as option values3.3.4 Common option values
keywords9.2.1 CMI tokens
knees, removing10.1.3 Removing knees
Knuth, Donald E.1. Introduction
Knuth, Donald E.5.1 File format abbreviations
Knuth, Donald E.11.1 Metafont and BZRto

labrea.stanford.edu2.2.1 Archives
Lardent, Victor16.1.1 Legal issues
leading9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
leadingdepth fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
leadingheight fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
leaf directories, in path searching3.4 Font searching
least-squares error metric10.1.5.3 Finding the spline
leaving bpl-mode14.1.3 Editing BPL files
left side bearing in BPL files12.1.2 BPL characters
left side bearing in char command9.2.2 char command
left side bearing in char-width command9.2.3 char-width command
left side bearing in IFI files6.2 IFI files
legalisms16.1.1 Legal issues
Letters of Credit9. Charspace
libraries, X112.2 Prerequisites
LIBS variable for configuration2.1 The configure script
ligature definitions5.3.2 Ligature definitions
ligatures in Metafont 25.3.2 Ligature definitions
ligatures in TFM files16.2 Program features
ligatures, typesetting16.2 Program features
ligkern table, changing9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
limit on character size16.2 Program features
limn10. Limn
Limn algorithm10.1 Limn algorithm
Limn online display failing2.3 Problems
Limn options10.2 Invoking Limn
Limn resource file2.3 Problems
Limn window size10.1.9 Displaying fitting online
line BPL property12.1.2.1 BPL outlines
line length in data files5.2 Common file syntax
LINE opcode in BZR files11.6.3.2 BZR character shapes
lines to splines10.1.7 Changing lines to splines
lines, changing splines to10.1.6 Changing splines to lines
lines, fitting with10.1.5 Fitting the bitmap curve
linking, dynamic2.3 Problems
Lisp12.1 BPL files
list as option values3.3.4 Common option values
localfont Metafont mode11.1 Metafont and BZRto
log file3.3.2 Common options
losing proof information11.1.2 Proofing with Metafont
Lucida, protection of16.1.1 Legal issues

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