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Font utilities

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Index Entry Section

. in Imageto verbose output6.3 Invoking Imageto
.emacs14.1.1 BZRedit installation
.enc suffix5.3 Encoding files
.notdef5.3.1 Character names
.notdef, removing blotches with6.1.3 Dirty images
.Xdefaults10.1.9 Displaying fitting online
.Xdefaults13.1 XBfe usage
.Xdefaults13.2 Invoking XBfe

/bin/ld2.3 Problems
/dev/null2.1 The configure script
/tmp13.1.1 Controlling XBfe
/usr/local/lib/tex/dvips/psfonts.map15.1.1 GSrenderfont font names

\magnification11.1.1 Metafont output at any size
\spacefactor9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
\strutbox9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens

`~' in paths3.4 Font searching

Aacute character, constructing11.4.1 CCC setchar statements
abbreviations, of file formats5.1 File format abbreviations
accented characters11.4 CCC files
aclocal.m42.1 The configure script
adding kerns13.1.3 XBfe metrics editing
adjacent curves, blending10.1.5.2 Finding tangents
adjustment, to baseline6.2 IFI files
adjustment, to baseline8.1.3 Character manipulation options
Adobe encodings5.3.3 GNU encodings
advertising5.1 File format abbreviations
algorithm for spline fitting10.1 Limn algorithm
aligning endpoints10.1.8 Aligning endpoints
alternating bounding boxes6.2 IFI files
anamorphic scaling11.1.1 Metafont output at any size
anamorphic scaling16.2 Program features
application resources, under X2.3 Problems
architecture dependencies and installation2.1 The configure script
archives, software2.2.1 Archives
arguments, common command-line3.3.2 Common options
arguments, specifying program3.3 Command-line options
artifacts, of scanning6.1.3 Dirty images
ASCII NUL in data files5.2 Common file syntax
AsciiText widget13.1 XBfe usage
autotracing10. Limn
auxiliary files5. File formats
averaging filter8.1.3 Character manipulation options
awk15. GSrenderfont
axisheight fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens

backtraces, sending for bugs4.2.2 Unnecessary information
bad output fonts4.1 Bug criteria
baseline adjustment6.2 IFI files
baseline adjustment8.1.3 Character manipulation options
baseline in IFI files6.2 IFI files
baselines and blotches6.1.3 Dirty images
baselines in image6.1.2 Image to font conversion
baselines in image6.3 Invoking Imageto
bb BPL property12.1.2 BPL characters
bbcount15. GSrenderfont
bbheight CCC dimension11.4.2 CCC move statements
bbwidth CCC dimension11.4.2 CCC move statements
BDF format16.2 Program features
bdftops5.1 File format abbreviations
beginning of characters in BZR files11.6.3.1 BZR character beginnings
Bezier cubics, drawing10.1.5 Fitting the bitmap curve
Bezier property list files12.1 BPL files
Bezier splines in BPL files12.1.2.1 BPL outlines
Bezier splines, fitting with10.1.5 Fitting the bitmap curve
Bigelow, Charles16.1.1 Legal issues
BigEndian order in BZR files11.6.1 BZR format introduction
bigopspacing1 fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
bigopspacing2 fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
bigopspacing3 fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
bigopspacing4 fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
bigopspacing5 fontdimen9.2.7.1 TFM fontdimens
bitmap font manipulation8. Fontconvert
bitmap font, definition of10. Limn
bitmap fonts, concatenating8.1.2 Character selection options
bitmap fonts, hand-editing13. XBfe
bitmap fonts, making from PostScript15. GSrenderfont
bitmap to outline conversion10. Limn
Bitmap.c2.3 Problems
bitmaps, enlarging13.1.2.2 Enlarging the bitmap
bitmaps, filtering8.1.3 Character manipulation options
bitmaps, randomizing8.1.3 Character manipulation options
bitmaps, selecting rectangles from13.1.2.1 Selections
bitmaps, viewing8.1.1 Fontconvert output options
blank lines in data files5.2 Common file syntax
blank positions in fonts5.3.1 Character names
blending of adjacent curves10.1.5.2 Finding tangents
blotches in image, ignoring6.1.3 Dirty images
blowing up fonts11.1.2 Proofing with Metafont
bounding box count in IFI files6.2 IFI files
bounding box of characters in BPL files12.1.2 BPL characters
bounding box of font in BZR files11.6.4 BZR postamble
bounding boxes in Imageto6.1 Imageto usage
bounding boxes, assigned to characters6.1.3 Dirty images
BPL abbrevation5.1 File format abbreviations
BPL characters12.1.2 BPL characters
BPL comment, maximum length12.1.1 BPL preamble
BPL comments12.1 BPL files
BPL data types12.1 BPL files
BPL files12.1 BPL files
BPL files, editing14.1.3 Editing BPL files
BPL outlines12.1.2.1 BPL outlines
BPL postamble12.1.3 BPL postamble
BPL preamble12.1.1 BPL preamble
BPL syntax12.1 BPL files
bpl-erasepage14.1.3 Editing BPL files
bpl-mode14.1.3 Editing BPL files
bpl-mode-hook14.1.3 Editing BPL files
bpl-quit14.1.3 Editing BPL files
bpl-show-char14.1.3 Editing BPL files
bpltobzr12. BPLtoBZR
BPLtoBZR options12.2 Invoking BPLtoBZR
bug reports, purpose of4. Bugs
bugs, criteria for4.1 Bug criteria
bugs, envelope of4.2.2 Unnecessary information
bugs, guesses about cause4.2.2 Unnecessary information
bugs, reporting4.2 Bug reporting
bugs, sending backtraces for4.2.2 Unnecessary information
bugs, sending patches for4.2.2 Unnecessary information
BuildChar in Type 3 fonts11.3 Type 3 PostScript fonts and BZRto
byron.u.washington.edu2.2.1 Archives
BZR abbrevation5.1 File format abbreviations
BZR character beginning11.6.3.1 BZR character beginnings
BZR character shapes11.6.3.2 BZR character shapes
BZR file format, definition of11.6 BZR files
BZR filename in BPL files12.1.1 BPL preamble
BZR files, algorithm for reading11.6.4 BZR postamble
BZR files, converting to Metafont11.1 Metafont and BZRto
BZR files, converting to Type 111.2 Type 1 PostScript fonts and BZRto
BZR files, converting to Type 311.3 Type 3 PostScript fonts and BZRto
BZR files, editing14.1.2 Editing BZR files
BZR fonts, editing14. BZRedit
BZR format, identification11.6.4 BZR postamble
BZR postamble11.6.4 BZR postamble
BZR preamble11.6.2 BZR preamble
bzr source directory11.6 BZR files
bzr-gs-dpi14.1.3.1 BZRedit and Ghostscript
bzr-gs-height14.1.3.1 BZRedit and Ghostscript
bzr-gs-width14.1.3.1 BZRedit and Ghostscript
bzr_opcodes.h11.6.1 BZR format introduction
bzrbuildch.PS11.3 Type 3 PostScript fonts and BZRto
bzredit14.1.2 Editing BZR files
BZRedit and Ghostscript14.1.3.1 BZRedit and Ghostscript
BZRedit usage14.1 BZRedit usage
bzredit.el14.1.1 BZRedit installation
bzrsetup.mf, computing proof values11.1.2 Proofing with Metafont
bzrto11. BZRto
BZRto options11.5 Invoking BZRto

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