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12.1 BPL files

Bezier property list (BPL) files are free-format text files which describe an outline font. They are a transliteration of the binary BZR font format (see section 11.6 BZR files).

A BPL file is a sequence of entries of the form
(property-name value1 value2 ...)

The property-name is one of a small set of keywords understood by BPLtoBZR. The values vary depending on the property being defined. BPL files have four types of values: unsigned integers, reals, strings (enclosed in typewriter double-quote `"' marks), and real strings (realstr for short)---a real number in quotes. See section 14.1.3 Editing BPL files, for an explanation of why realstrs are necessary.

A property-name of comment introduces a comment, which continues through the next right parenthesis. This implies nested comments are not allowed: `(comment (wrong!))' will get an error at the second `)'.

BPL files have three parts: a preamble, character definitions, and a postamble. They must appear in that order. In many cases, the order in which you give the properties within a part is also significant.

12.1.1 BPL preamble  The beginning.
12.1.2 BPL characters  The middle.
12.1.3 BPL postamble  The end.

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