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To control how much of the message to which you are replying is yanked by C-c C-y (mh-yank-cur-msg) into your reply, modify mh-yank-from-start-of-msg. The default value of t means that the entire message is copied. If it is set to 'body (don't forget the apostrophe), then only the message body is copied. If it is set to nil, only the part of the message following point (the current cursor position in the message's buffer) is copied. In any case, this variable is ignored if a region is set in the message you are replying to. The string contained in mh-ins-buf-prefix is inserted before each line of a message that is inserted into a draft with C-c C-y (mh-yank-cur-msg). I suggest that you not modify this variable. The default value of `"> "' is the default string for many mailers and news readers: messages are far easier to read if several included messages have all been indented by the same string. The variable mail-citation-hook is nil by default, which means that when a message is inserted into the letter, each line is prefixed by mh-ins-buf-prefix. Otherwise, it can be set to a function that modifies an included citation. (17) If you like to yank all the text from the message you're replying to in one go, set mh-delete-yanked-msg-window to non-nil to delete the window containing the original message after yanking it to make more room on your screen for your reply.

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