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Gnus Manual

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3.6 Marking Articles

There are several marks you can set on an article.

You have marks that decide the readedness (whoo, neato-keano neologism ohoy!) of the article. Alphabetic marks generally mean read, while non-alphabetic characters generally mean unread.

In addition, you also have marks that do not affect readedness.

3.6.1 Unread Articles  Marks for unread articles.
3.6.2 Read Articles  Marks for read articles.
3.6.3 Other Marks  Marks that do not affect readedness.

There's a plethora of commands for manipulating these marks:

3.6.4 Setting Marks  How to set and remove marks.
3.6.5 Generic Marking Commands  How to customize the marking.
3.6.6 Setting Process Marks  How to mark articles for later processing.

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