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Gnus Manual

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3.3.1 Choosing Commands

None of the following movement commands understand the numeric prefix, and they all select and display an article.

If you want to fetch new articles or redisplay the group, see 3.26 Exiting the Summary Buffer.

Select the current article, or, if that one's read already, the next unread article (gnus-summary-next-page).

G n
Go to next unread article (gnus-summary-next-unread-article).

G p
Go to previous unread article (gnus-summary-prev-unread-article).

Go to the next article (gnus-summary-next-article).

Go to the previous article (gnus-summary-prev-article).

G C-n
Go to the next article with the same subject (gnus-summary-next-same-subject).

G C-p
Go to the previous article with the same subject (gnus-summary-prev-same-subject).

G f
Go to the first unread article (gnus-summary-first-unread-article).

G b
Go to the article with the highest score (gnus-summary-best-unread-article).

G l
Go to the previous article read (gnus-summary-goto-last-article).

G o
Pop an article off the summary history and go to this article (gnus-summary-pop-article). This command differs from the command above in that you can pop as many previous articles off the history as you like, while l toggles the two last read articles. For a somewhat related issue (if you use these commands a lot), see section 3.13 Article Backlog.

G j
Ask for an article number or Message-ID, and then go to that article (gnus-summary-goto-article).

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