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The following variables offer further control over how things are done, where things are located, and other useless stuff you really don't need to worry about.

List of subdirectories to search in gnus-picons-database for newsgroups faces. ("news") is the default.

List of subdirectories to search in gnus-picons-database for user faces. ("local" "users" "usenix" "misc") is the default.

List of subdirectories to search in gnus-picons-database for domain name faces. Defaults to ("domains"). Some people may want to add `"unknown"' to this list.

If you don't have xface support builtin XEmacs, this is the command to use to convert the X-Face header to an X bitmap (xbm). Defaults to (format "{ echo '/* Width=48, Height=48 */'; uncompface; } | icontopbm | pbmtoxbm > %s" gnus-picons-x-face-file-name)

Names a temporary file to store the X-Face bitmap in. Defaults to (format "/tmp/picon-xface.%s.xbm" (user-login-name)).

If you have set gnus-picons-display-where to picons, your XEmacs frame will become really cluttered. To alleviate this a bit you can set gnus-picons-has-modeline-p to nil; this will remove the mode line from the Picons buffer. This is only useful if gnus-picons-display-where is picons.

If non-nil, display the article buffer before computing the picons. Defaults to nil.

If t display textual email addresses along with pictures. Defaults to t.

Ordered list of suffixes on picon file names to try. Defaults to ("xpm" "gif" "xbm") minus those not builtin your XEmacs.

Hook run in the picon buffer, if that is displayed.

Whether to move point to first empty line when displaying picons. This has only an effect if `gnus-picons-display-where' has value `article'.

If nil, display the picons in the From and Newsgroups lines. This is the default.

Whether to clear the picons cache when exiting gnus. Gnus caches every picons it finds while it is running. This saves some time in the search process but eats some memory. If this variable is set to nil, Gnus will never clear the cache itself; you will have to manually call gnus-picons-clear-cache to clear it. Otherwise the cache will be cleared every time you exit Gnus. Defaults to t.

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