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8.7 Compilation

Remember all those line format specification variables? gnus-summary-line-format, gnus-group-line-format, and so on. Now, Gnus will of course heed whatever these variables are, but, unfortunately, changing them will mean a quite significant slow-down. (The default values of these variables have byte-compiled functions associated with them, while the user-generated versions do not, of course.)

To help with this, you can run M-x gnus-compile after you've fiddled around with the variables and feel that you're (kind of) satisfied. This will result in the new specs being byte-compiled, and you'll get top speed again. Gnus will save these compiled specs in the `.newsrc.eld' file. (User-defined functions aren't compiled by this function, though--you should compile them yourself by sticking them into the .gnus.el file and byte-compiling that file.)

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