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Gnus Manual

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8. Various

8.1 Process/Prefix  A convention used by many treatment commands.
8.2 Interactive  Making Gnus ask you many questions.
8.3 Symbolic Prefixes  How to supply some Gnus functions with options.
8.4 Formatting Variables  You can specify what buffers should look like.
8.5 Windows Configuration  Configuring the Gnus buffer windows.
8.6 Faces and Fonts  How to change how faces look.
8.7 Compilation  How to speed Gnus up.
8.8 Mode Lines  Displaying information in the mode lines.
8.9 Highlighting and Menus  Making buffers look all nice and cozy.
8.10 Buttons  Get tendonitis in ten easy steps!
8.11 Daemons  Gnus can do things behind your back.
8.12 NoCeM  How to avoid spam and other fatty foods.
8.13 Undo  Some actions can be undone.
8.14 Moderation  What to do if you're a moderator.
8.15 Emacs Enhancements  There can be more pictures and stuff under Emacs 21.
8.16 XEmacs Enhancements  There are more pictures and stuff under XEmacs.
8.17 Fuzzy Matching  What's the big fuzz?
8.18 Thwarting Email Spam  A how-to on avoiding unsolicited commercial email.
8.19 Various Various  Things that are really various.

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