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6.5.3 Document Groups

nndoc is a cute little thing that will let you read a single file as a newsgroup. Several files types are supported:

The babyl (rmail) mail box.

The standard Unix mbox file.

The MMDF mail box format.

Several news articles appended into a file.

The rnews batch transport format.

Forwarded articles.

Netscape mail boxes.

MIME multipart messages.

The standard (RFC 1153) digest format.

Non-standard digest format--matches most things, but does it badly.

You can also use the special "file type" guess, which means that nndoc will try to guess what file type it is looking at. digest means that nndoc should guess what digest type the file is.

nndoc will not try to change the file or insert any extra headers into it--it will simply, like, let you use the file as the basis for a group. And that's it.

If you have some old archived articles that you want to insert into your new & spiffy Gnus mail back end, nndoc can probably help you with that. Say you have an old `RMAIL' file with mail that you now want to split into your new nnml groups. You look at that file using nndoc (using the G f command in the group buffer (see section 2.9 Foreign Groups)), set the process mark on all the articles in the buffer (M P b, for instance), and then re-spool (B r) using nnml. If all goes well, all the mail in the `RMAIL' file is now also stored in lots of nnml directories, and you can delete that pesky `RMAIL' file. If you have the guts!

Virtual server variables:

This should be one of mbox, babyl, digest, news, rnews, mmdf, forward, rfc934, rfc822-forward, mime-parts, standard-digest, slack-digest, clari-briefs, nsmail or guess.

This variable says whether Gnus is to consider the group a news group or a mail group. There are two valid values: mail (the default) and news. Document Server Internals  How to add your own document types.

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