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Gnus Manual

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2. The Group Buffer

The group buffer lists all (or parts) of the available groups. It is the first buffer shown when Gnus starts, and will never be killed as long as Gnus is active.

2.1 Group Buffer Format  Information listed and how you can change it.
2.2 Group Maneuvering  Commands for moving in the group buffer.
2.3 Selecting a Group  Actually reading news.
2.5 Group Data  Changing the info for a group.
2.4 Subscription Commands  Unsubscribing, killing, subscribing.
2.6 Group Levels  Levels? What are those, then?
2.7 Group Score  A mechanism for finding out what groups you like.
2.8 Marking Groups  You can mark groups for later processing.
2.9 Foreign Groups  Creating and editing groups.
2.10 Group Parameters  Each group may have different parameters set.
2.11 Listing Groups  Gnus can list various subsets of the groups.
2.12 Sorting Groups  Re-arrange the group order.
2.13 Group Maintenance  Maintaining a tidy `.newsrc' file.
2.14 Browse Foreign Server  You can browse a server. See what it has to offer.
2.15 Exiting Gnus  Stop reading news and get some work done.
2.16 Group Topics  A folding group mode divided into topics.
2.17 Misc Group Stuff  Other stuff that you can to do.

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