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Forms Mode User's Manual

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11. Credits

Bug fixes and other useful suggestions were supplied by Harald Hanche-Olsen (hanche@imf.unit.no), cwitty@portia.stanford.edu, Jonathan I. Kamens, Per Cederqvist (ceder@signum.se), Michael Lipka (lipka@lip.hanse.de), Andy Piper (ajp@eng.cam.ac.uk), Frederic Pierresteguy (F.Pierresteguy@frcl.bull.fr), Ignatios Souvatzis and Richard Stallman (rms@gnu.org).

This documentation was slightly inspired by the documentation of "rolo mode" by Paul Davis at Schlumberger Cambridge Research (davis%scrsu1%sdr.slb.com@relay.cs.net).

None of this would have been possible without GNU Emacs of the Free Software Foundation. Thanks, Richard!

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