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Forms Mode User's Manual

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Forms Mode User's Manual

Forms mode is an Emacs major mode for working with simple textual data bases in a forms-oriented manner. In Forms mode, the information in these files is presented in an Emacs window in a user-defined format, one record at a time. The user can view records or modify their contents.

Forms mode is not a simple major mode, but requires two files to do its job: a control file and a data file. The data file holds the actual data to be presented. The control file describes how to present it.

1. Forms Example  An example: editing the password data base.
2. Entering and Exiting Forms Mode  How to visit a file in Forms mode.
3. Forms Commands  Special commands to use while in Forms mode.
4. Data File Format  How to format the data file.
5. Control File Format  How to control forms mode.
6. The Format Description  How to define the forms layout.
7. Modifying The Forms Contents  How to modify.
8. Miscellaneous  Forms mode messages and other remarks.
9. Error Messages  List of error messages forms mode can produce.
10. Long Example  A more complex control file example.
11. Credits  Thanks everyone.
Index  Index to this manual.

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