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AC.15.8 Term Mode

The terminal emulator uses Term mode, which has two input modes. In line mode, Term basically acts like Shell mode; see AC.15.3 Shell Mode. In char mode, each character is sent directly to the inferior subshell, except for the Term escape character, normally C-c.

To switch between line and char mode, use these commands:

C-c C-k
Switch to line mode. Do nothing if already in line mode.

C-c C-j
Switch to char mode. Do nothing if already in char mode.

The following commands are only available in char mode:

C-c C-c
Send a literal C-c to the sub-shell.

C-c C-x
A prefix command to access the global C-x commands conveniently. For example, C-c C-x o invokes the global binding of C-x o, which is normally `other-window'.

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