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AC.5 LaTeX Calendar

The Calendar LaTeX commands produce a buffer of LaTeX code that prints as a calendar. Depending on the command you use, the printed calendar covers the day, week, month or year that point is in.

t m
Generate a one-month calendar (cal-tex-cursor-month).
t M
Generate a sideways-printing one-month calendar (cal-tex-cursor-month-landscape).
t d
Generate a one-day calendar (cal-tex-cursor-day).
t w 1
Generate a one-page calendar for one week (cal-tex-cursor-week).
t w 2
Generate a two-page calendar for one week (cal-tex-cursor-week2).
t w 3
Generate an ISO-style calendar for one week (cal-tex-cursor-week-iso).
t w 4
Generate a calendar for one Monday-starting week (cal-tex-cursor-week-monday).
t f w
Generate a Filofax-style two-weeks-at-a-glance calendar (cal-tex-cursor-filofax-2week).
t f W
Generate a Filofax-style one-week-at-a-glance calendar (cal-tex-cursor-filofax-week).
t y
Generate a calendar for one year (cal-tex-cursor-year).
t Y
Generate a sideways-printing calendar for one year (cal-tex-cursor-year-landscape).
t f y
Generate a Filofax-style calendar for one year (cal-tex-cursor-filofax-year).

Some of these commands print the calendar sideways (in "landscape mode"), so it can be wider than it is long. Some of them use Filofax paper size (3.75in x 6.75in). All of these commands accept a prefix argument which specifies how many days, weeks, months or years to print (starting always with the selected one).

If the variable cal-tex-holidays is non-nil (the default), then the printed calendars show the holidays in calendar-holidays. If the variable cal-tex-diary is non-nil (the default is nil), diary entries are included also (in weekly and monthly calendars only). If the variable cal-tex-rules is non-nil (the default is nil), the calendar displays ruled pages in styles that have sufficient room.

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