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AB.5 Visiting Files in Dired

There are several Dired commands for visiting or examining the files listed in the Dired buffer. All of them apply to the current line's file; if that file is really a directory, these commands invoke Dired on that subdirectory (making a separate Dired buffer).

Visit the file described on the current line, like typing C-x C-f and supplying that file name (dired-find-file). See section M.2 Visiting Files.

Equivalent to f.

Like f, but replaces the contents of the Dired buffer with that of an alternate file or directory (dired-find-alternate-file).

Like f, but uses another window to display the file's buffer (dired-find-file-other-window). The Dired buffer remains visible in the first window. This is like using C-x 4 C-f to visit the file. See section O. Multiple Windows.

Visit the file described on the current line, and display the buffer in another window, but do not select that window (dired-display-file).

Visit the file named by the line you click on (dired-mouse-find-file-other-window). This uses another window to display the file, like the o command.

View the file described on the current line, using M-x view-file (dired-view-file).

Viewing a file is like visiting it, but is slanted toward moving around in the file conveniently and does not allow changing the file. See section Miscellaneous File Operations.

Visit the parent directory of the current directory (dired-up-directory). This is more convenient than moving to the parent directory's line and typing f there.

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