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V.5 Running Debuggers Under Emacs

The GUD (Grand Unified Debugger) library provides an interface to various symbolic debuggers from within Emacs. We recommend the debugger GDB, which is free software, but you can also run DBX, SDB or XDB if you have them. GUD can also serve as an interface to the Perl's debugging mode, the Python debugger PDB, and to JDB, the Java Debugger. See section `The Lisp Debugger' in the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, for information on debugging Emacs Lisp programs.

V.5.1 Starting GUD  How to start a debugger subprocess.
V.5.2 Debugger Operation  Connection between the debugger and source buffers.
V.5.3 Commands of GUD  Key bindings for common commands.
V.5.4 GUD Customization  Defining your own commands for GUD.
V.5.5 GUD Tooltips  Showing variable values by pointing with the mouse.

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