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M.7.10 Customizing VC

The variable vc-handled-backends determines which version control systems VC should handle. The default value is (RCS CVS SCCS), so it contains all three version systems that are currently supported. If you want VC to ignore one or more of these systems, exclude its name from the list.

The order of systems in the list is significant: when you visit a file registered in more than one system (see section M.7.7.2 Local Version Control), VC uses the system that comes first in vc-handled-backends by default. The order is also significant when you register a file for the first time, see section M.7.5.1 Registering a File for Version Control for details.

M.7.10.1 General Options  Options that apply to multiple back ends.
M.7.10.2 Options for RCS and SCCS  
M.7.10.3 Options specific for CVS  Options for CVS.

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