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Ediff User's Manual

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7. Customization

Ediff has a rather self-explanatory interface, and in most cases you won't need to change anything. However, should the need arise, there are extensive facilities for changing the default behavior.

Most of the customization can be done by setting various variables in the `.emacs' file. Some customization (mostly window-related customization and faces) can be done by putting appropriate lines in `.Xdefaults', `.xrdb', or whatever X resource file is in use.

With respect to the latter, please note that the X resource for Ediff customization is `Ediff', not `emacs'. See section 7.3 Window and Frame Configuration, See section 7.5 Highlighting Difference Regions, for further details. Please also refer to Emacs manual for the information on how to set Emacs X resources.

7.1 Hooks  Customization via the hooks.
7.2 Quick Help Customization  How to customize Ediff's quick help feature.
7.3 Window and Frame Configuration  Controlling the way Ediff displays things.
7.4 Selective Browsing  Advanced browsing through difference regions.
7.5 Highlighting Difference Regions  Controlling highlighting.
7.6 Narrowing  Comparing regions, windows, etc.
7.7 Refinement of Difference Regions  How to control the refinement process.
7.8 Patch and Diff Programs  Changing the utilities that compute differences and apply patches.
7.9 Merging and diff3  How to customize Ediff in its Merge Mode.
7.10 Support for Version Control  Changing the version control package. You are not likely to do that.
7.11 Customizing the Mode Line  Changing the look of the mode line in Ediff.
7.12 Miscellaneous  Other customization.
7.13 Notes on Heavy-duty Customization  Customization for the gurus.

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