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Common Lisp Extensions

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Function Index

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acons11.4 Association Lists
adjoin11.3 Lists as Sets
assert13. Assertions and Errors
assoc*11.4 Association Lists
assoc-if11.4 Association Lists
assoc-if-not11.4 Association Lists

block5.5 Blocks and Exits

caddr11.1 List Functions
callf5.2.2 Modify Macros
callf25.2.2 Modify Macros
case5.4 Conditionals
ceiling*9.2 Numerical Functions
check-type13. Assertions and Errors
cl-float-limits9.4 Implementation Parameters
cl-prettyexpandA.1 Macros
coerce4.1 Type Predicates
compiler-macroexpand6. Macros
concatenate10.3 Sequence Functions
copy-list11.1 List Functions
copy-tree11.1 List Functions
count10.4 Searching Sequences
count-if10.4 Searching Sequences
count-if-not10.4 Searching Sequences

decf5.2.2 Modify Macros
declaim7. Declarations
declare7. Declarations
define-compiler-macro6. Macros
define-modify-macro5.2.3 Customizing Setf
define-setf-method5.2.3 Customizing Setf
defmacro*3.1 Argument Lists
defsetf5.2.3 Customizing Setf
defsetf5.2.3 Customizing Setf
defstruct12. Structures
defsubst*3.1 Argument Lists
deftype4.1 Type Predicates
defun*3.1 Argument Lists
delete*10.3 Sequence Functions
delete-duplicates10.3 Sequence Functions
delete-if10.3 Sequence Functions
delete-if-not10.3 Sequence Functions
destructuring-bind6. Macros
do5.6 Iteration
do*5.6 Iteration
do-all-symbols5.6 Iteration
do-symbols5.6 Iteration
dolist5.6 Iteration
dotimes5.6 Iteration

ecase5.4 Conditionals
endp11.1 List Functions
eql4.2 Equality Predicates
equalp4.2 Equality Predicates
etypecase5.4 Conditionals
eval-when3.2 Time of Evaluation
eval-when-compile3.2 Time of Evaluation
evenp9.1 Predicates on Numbers
every10.2 Mapping over Sequences

fill10.3 Sequence Functions
find10.4 Searching Sequences
find-if10.4 Searching Sequences
find-if-not10.4 Searching Sequences
first11.1 List Functions
flet5.3.3 Function Bindings
floatp-safe9.1 Predicates on Numbers
floor*9.2 Numerical Functions
function*3.1 Argument Lists

gcd9.2 Numerical Functions
gensym8.2 Creating Symbols
gentemp8.2 Creating Symbols
get*8.1 Property Lists
get-setf-method5.2.3 Customizing Setf
getf8.1 Property Lists

ignore-errors13. Assertions and Errors
incf5.2.2 Modify Macros
intersection11.3 Lists as Sets
isqrt9.2 Numerical Functions

labels5.3.3 Function Bindings
lcm9.2 Numerical Functions
ldiff11.1 List Functions
letf5.2.2 Modify Macros
letf*5.2.2 Modify Macros
lexical-let5.3.2 Lexical Bindings
lexical-let*5.3.2 Lexical Bindings
list*11.1 List Functions
list-length11.1 List Functions
load-time-value3.2 Time of Evaluation
locally7. Declarations
loop5.6 Iteration
loop5.7.1 Loop Basics

macrolet5.3.4 Macro Bindings
make-random-state9.3 Random Numbers
map10.2 Mapping over Sequences
mapc10.2 Mapping over Sequences
mapcan10.2 Mapping over Sequences
mapcar*10.2 Mapping over Sequences
mapcon10.2 Mapping over Sequences
mapl10.2 Mapping over Sequences
maplist10.2 Mapping over Sequences
member*11.3 Lists as Sets
member-if11.3 Lists as Sets
member-if-not11.3 Lists as Sets
merge10.5 Sorting Sequences
minusp9.1 Predicates on Numbers
mismatch10.4 Searching Sequences
mod*9.2 Numerical Functions
multiple-value-bind5.8 Multiple Values
multiple-value-setq5.8 Multiple Values

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