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CC Mode Manual

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4.1.2 Hanging Colons

Using a mechanism similar to brace hanging (see section 4.1.1 Hanging Braces), colons can also be made to hang using the style variable c-hanging-colons-alist. The syntactic symbols appropriate for this association list are: case-label, label, access-label, member-init-intro, and inher-intro. Note however that for c-hanging-colons-alist, ACTIONs as functions are not supported. See also 7.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging for details.

In C++, double-colons are used as a scope operator but because these colons always appear right next to each other, newlines before and after them are controlled by a different mechanism, called clean-ups in CC Mode. See section 4.1.5 Clean-ups, for details.

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