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7.5.4 Other Special Indentations

In `gnu' style (see section 7.4.1 Built-in Styles), a minimum indentation is imposed on lines inside top-level constructs. This minimum indentation is controlled by the style variable c-label-minimum-indentation. The default value for this variable is 1.

One other customization variable is available in CC Mode: The style variable c-special-indent-hook. This is a standard hook variable that is called after every line is indented by CC Mode. You can use it to do any special indentation or line adjustments your style dictates, such as adding extra indentation to constructors or destructor declarations in a class definition, etc. Note however, that you should not change point or mark inside your c-special-indent-hook functions (i.e. you'll probably want to wrap your function in a save-excursion).

Setting c-special-indent-hook in your style definition is handled slightly differently than other variables. In your style definition, you should set the value for c-special-indent-hook to a function or list of functions, which will be appended to c-special-indent-hook using add-hook. That way, the current setting for the buffer local value of c-special-indent-hook won't be overridden.

Normally, the standard Emacs command M-; (indent-for-comment) will indent comment only lines to comment-column. Some users however, prefer that M-; act just like TAB for purposes of indenting comment-only lines; i.e. they want the comments to always indent as they would for normal code, regardless of whether TAB or M-; were used. This behavior is controlled by the variable c-indent-comments-syntactically-p. When nil (the default), M-; indents comment-only lines to comment-column, otherwise, they are indented just as they would be if TAB were typed.

Note that this has no effect for comment lines that are inserted with M-; at the end of regular code lines. These comments will always start at comment-column.

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