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CC Mode Manual

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7.5 Advanced Customizations

For most users, CC Mode will support their coding styles with very little need for more advanced customizations. Usually, one of the standard styles defined in c-style-alist will do the trick. At most, perhaps one of the syntactic symbol offsets will need to be tweaked slightly, or maybe c-basic-offset will need to be changed. However, some styles require a more flexible framework for customization, and one of the real strengths of CC Mode is that the syntactic analysis model provides just such a framework. This allows you to implement custom indentation calculations for situations not handled by the mode directly.

7.5.1 Custom Indentation Functions  
7.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging  
7.5.3 Customizing Semi-colons and Commas  
7.5.4 Other Special Indentations  

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