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CC Mode Manual

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7.4 Styles

Most people only need to edit code formatted in just a few well-defined and consistent styles. For example, their organization might impose a "blessed" style that all its programmers must conform to. Similarly, people who work on GNU software will have to use the GNU coding style. Some shops are more lenient, allowing a variety of coding styles, and as programmers come and go, there could be a number of styles in use. For this reason, CC Mode makes it convenient for you to set up logical groupings of customizations called styles, associate a single name for any particular style, and pretty easily start editing new or existing code using these styles.

The variables that the style system affect are called style variables. They are handled specially in several ways:

The style variables are: c-basic-offset, c-comment-only-line-offset, c-block-comment-prefix, c-comment-prefix-regexp, c-cleanup-list, c-hanging-braces-alist, c-hanging-colons-alist, c-hanging-semi&comma-criteria, c-backslash-column, c-special-indent-hook, c-label-minimum-indentation, and c-offsets-alist.

7.4.1 Built-in Styles  
7.4.2 Adding Styles  
7.4.3 File Styles  

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