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CC Mode Manual

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2. Getting Connected

If you got this version of CC Mode with Emacs or XEmacs, it should work just fine right out of the box. Note however that you may not have the latest CC Mode release and may want to upgrade your copy.

If you are upgrading an existing CC Mode installation, please see the `README' file for installation details. CC Mode may not work with older versions of Emacs or XEmacs. See the CC Mode release notes Web pages for the latest information on Emacs version and package compatibility (see section B. Getting the Latest CC Mode Release).

Note that CC Mode no longer works with Emacs 18!, so if you haven't upgraded from Emacs 18 by now, you are out of luck.

You can find out what version of CC Mode you are using by visiting a C file and entering M-x c-version RET. You should see this message in the echo area:
Using CC Mode version 5.XX

where `XX' is the minor release number.

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