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CC Mode Manual

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6.3 Other Commands

CC Mode contains a few other useful commands:

C-c : (c-scope-operator)
In C++, it is also sometimes desirable to insert the double-colon scope operator without performing the electric behavior of colon insertion. C-c : does just this.

C-c C-\ (c-backslash-region)
This function is handy when editing macros split over several lines by ending each line with a backslash. It inserts and aligns, or deletes these end-of-line backslashes in the current region.

With no prefix argument, it inserts any missing backslashes and aligns them to the column specified by the c-backslash-column style variable. With a prefix argument, it deletes any backslashes.

The function does not modify blank lines at the start of the region. If the region ends at the start of a line, it always deletes the backslash (if any) at the end of the previous line.

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