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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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1.1 Lisp Lists

In Lisp, a list looks like this: '(rose violet daisy buttercup). This list is preceded by a single apostrophe. It could just as well be written as follows, which looks more like the kind of list you are likely to be familiar with:


The elements of this list are the names of the four different flowers, separated from each other by whitespace and surrounded by parentheses, like flowers in a field with a stone wall around them.

Numbers, Lists inside of Lists  List have numbers, other lists, in them.
1.1.1 Lisp Atoms  Elemental entities.
1.1.2 Whitespace in Lists  Formating lists to be readable.
1.1.3 GNU Emacs Helps You Type Lists  How GNU Emacs helps you type lists.

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