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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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1. List Processing

To the untutored eye, Lisp is a strange programming language. In Lisp code there are parentheses everywhere. Some people even claim that the name stands for `Lots of Isolated Silly Parentheses'. But the claim is unwarranted. Lisp stands for LISt Processing, and the programming language handles lists (and lists of lists) by putting them between parentheses. The parentheses mark the boundaries of the list. Sometimes a list is preceded by a single apostrophe or quotation mark, `''. Lists are the basis of Lisp.

1.1 Lisp Lists  What are lists?
1.2 Run a Program  Any list in Lisp is a program ready to run.
1.3 Generate an Error Message  Generating an error message.
1.4 Symbol Names and Function Definitions  Names of symbols and function definitions.
1.5 The Lisp Interpreter  What the Lisp interpreter does.
1.6 Evaluation  Running a program.
1.7 Variables  Returning a value from a variable.
1.8 Arguments  Passing information to a function.
1.9 Setting the Value of a Variable  Setting the value of a variable.
1.10 Summary  The major points.
1.11 Exercises  

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