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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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4. A Few Buffer--Related Functions

In this chapter we study in detail several of the functions used in GNU Emacs. This is called a "walk-through". These functions are used as examples of Lisp code, but are not imaginary examples; with the exception of the first, simplified function definition, these functions show the actual code used in GNU Emacs. You can learn a great deal from these definitions. The functions described here are all related to buffers. Later, we will study other functions.

4.1 Finding More Information  How to find more information.
4.2 A Simplified beginning-of-buffer Definition  Shows goto-char,
                                point-min, and push-mark.
4.3 The Definition of mark-whole-buffer  Almost the same as beginning-of-buffer.
4.4 The Definition of append-to-buffer  Uses save-excursion and
4.5 Review  
4.6 Exercises  

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