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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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2. Practicing Evaluation

Before learning how to write a function definition in Emacs Lisp, it is useful to spend a little time evaluating various expressions that have already been written. These expressions will be lists with the functions as their first (and often only) element. Since some of the functions associated with buffers are both simple and interesting, we will start with those. In this section, we will evaluate a few of these. In another section, we will study the code of several other buffer-related functions, to see how they were written.

How to Evaluate  Typing editing commands or C-x C-e causes evaluation.
2.1 Buffer Names  Buffers and files are different.
2.2 Getting Buffers  Getting a buffer itself, not merely its name.
2.3 Switching Buffers  How to change to another buffer.
2.4 Buffer Size and the Location of Point  Where point is located and the size of the buffer.
2.5 Exercise  

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