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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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C.4 Printing the Whole Graph

Now we are nearly ready to print the whole graph.

The function to print the graph with the proper labels follows the outline we created earlier (see section A Graph with Labelled Axes), but with additions.

Here is the outline:

(defun print-graph (numbers-list)
  (let ((height  ...
    (print-Y-axis height ... )
    (graph-body-print numbers-list)
    (print-X-axis ... )))

Changes for the Final Version  A few changes.
C.4.1 Testing print-graph  Run a short test.
C.4.2 Graphing Numbers of Words and Symbols  Executing the final code.
C.4.3 A lambda Expression: Useful Anonymity  How to write an anonymous function.
C.4.4 The mapcar Function  Apply a function to elements of a list.
C.4.5 Another Bug ... Most Insidious  Yet another bug ... most insidious.
C.4.6 The Printed Graph  The graph itself!

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