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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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C.3 The print-X-axis Function

X axis labels are much like Y axis labels, except that the tics are on a line above the numbers. Labels should look like this:

    |   |    |    |
    1   5   10   15

The first tic is under the first column of the graph and is preceded by several blank spaces. These spaces provide room in rows above for the Y axis labels. The second, third, fourth, and subsequent tics are all spaced equally, according to the value of X-axis-label-spacing.

The second row of the X axis consists of numbers, preceded by several blank spaces and also separated according to the value of the variable X-axis-label-spacing.

The value of the variable X-axis-label-spacing should itself be measured in units of symbol-width, since you may want to change the width of the symbols that you are using to print the body of the graph without changing the ways the graph is labelled.

Similarities and differences  Much like print-Y-axis, but not exactly.
C.3.1 X Axis Tic Marks  Create tic marks for the horizontal axis.

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