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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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17. Debugging

GNU Emacs has two debuggers, debug and edebug. The first is built into the internals of Emacs and is always with you; the second requires that you instrument a function before you can use it.

Both debuggers are described extensively in section `Debugging Lisp Programs' in The GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual. In this chapter, I will walk through a short example of each.

17.1 debug  How to use the built-in debugger.
17.2 debug-on-entry  Start debugging when you call a function.
17.3 debug-on-quit and (debug)  Start debugging when you quit with C-g.
17.4 The edebug Source Level Debugger  How to use Edebug, a source level debugger.
17.5 Debugging Exercises  

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