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Programming in Emacs Lisp

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8.1 zap-to-char

The zap-to-char function barely changed between GNU Emacs version 19 and GNU Emacs version 21. However, zap-to-char calls another function, kill-region, which enjoyed a major rewrite on the way to version 21.

The kill-region function in Emacs 19 is complex, but does not use code that is important at this time. We will skip it.

The kill-region function in Emacs 21 is easier to read than the same function in Emacs 19 and introduces a very important concept, that of error handling. We will walk through the function.

But first, let us look at the interactive zap-to-char function.

The Complete zap-to-char Implementation  The complete implementation.
8.1.1 The interactive Expression  A three part interactive expression.
8.1.2 The Body of zap-to-char  A short overview.
8.1.3 The search-forward Function  How to search for a string.
8.1.4 The progn Special Form  The progn special form.
8.1.5 Summing up zap-to-char  Using point and search-forward.

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