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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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38.18 Beeping

This section describes how to make Emacs ring the bell (or blink the screen) to attract the user's attention. Be conservative about how often you do this; frequent bells can become irritating. Also be careful not to use just beeping when signaling an error is more appropriate. (See section 10.5.3 Errors.)

Function: ding &optional do-not-terminate
This function beeps, or flashes the screen (see visible-bell below). It also terminates any keyboard macro currently executing unless do-not-terminate is non-nil.

Function: beep &optional do-not-terminate
This is a synonym for ding.

User Option: visible-bell
This variable determines whether Emacs should flash the screen to represent a bell. Non-nil means yes, nil means no. This is effective on a window system, and on a character-only terminal provided the terminal's Termcap entry defines the visible bell capability (`vb').

Variable: ring-bell-function
If this is non-nil, it specifies how Emacs should "ring the bell." Its value should be a function of no arguments. If this is non-nil, it takes precedence over the visible-bell variable.

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