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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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38.13.5 Postscript Images

To use Postscript for an image, specify image type postscript. This works only if you have Ghostscript installed. You must always use these three properties:

:pt-width width
The value, width, specifies the width of the image measured in points (1/72 inch). width must be an integer.

:pt-height height
The value, height, specifies the height of the image in points (1/72 inch). height must be an integer.

:bounding-box box
The value, box, must be a list or vector of four integers, which specifying the bounding box of the Postscript image, analogous to the `BoundingBox' comment found in Postscript files.

%%BoundingBox: 22 171 567 738

Displaying Postscript images from Lisp data is not currently implemented, but it may be implemented by the time you read this. See the `etc/NEWS' file to make sure.

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