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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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38.12 The display Property

The display text property (or overlay property) is used to insert images into text, and also control other aspects of how text displays. These features are available starting in Emacs 21. The value of the display property should be a display specification, or a list or vector containing several display specifications. The rest of this section describes several kinds of display specifications and what they mean.

38.12.1 Specified Spaces  Displaying one space with a specified width.
38.12.2 Other Display Specifications  Displaying an image; magnifying text; moving it up or down on the page; adjusting the width of spaces within text.
38.12.3 Displaying in the Margins  Displaying text or images to the side of the main text.
38.12.4 Conditional Display Specifications  Making any of the above features conditional depending on some Lisp expression.

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