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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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38. Emacs Display

This chapter describes a number of features related to the display that Emacs presents to the user.

38.1 Refreshing the Screen  Clearing the screen and redrawing everything on it.
38.2 Forcing Redisplay  Forcing redisplay.
38.3 Truncation  Folding or wrapping long text lines.
38.4 The Echo Area  Where messages are displayed.
38.5 Invisible Text  Hiding part of the buffer text.
38.6 Selective Display  Hiding part of the buffer text (the old way).
38.7 The Overlay Arrow  Display of an arrow to indicate position.
38.8 Temporary Displays  Displays that go away automatically.
38.9 Overlays  Use overlays to highlight parts of the buffer.
38.10 Width  How wide a character or string is on the screen.
38.11 Faces  A face defines a graphics style for text characters: font, colors, etc.
38.12 The display Property  Enabling special display features.
38.13 Images  Displaying images in Emacs buffers.
38.14 Blinking Parentheses  How Emacs shows the matching open parenthesis.
38.15 Inverse Video  Specifying how the screen looks.
38.16 Usual Display Conventions  The usual conventions for displaying nonprinting chars.
38.17 Display Tables  How to specify other conventions.
38.18 Beeping  Audible signal to the user.
38.19 Window Systems  Which window system is being used.

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