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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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36.6 Standard Abbrev Tables

Here we list the variables that hold the abbrev tables for the preloaded major modes of Emacs.

Variable: global-abbrev-table
This is the abbrev table for mode-independent abbrevs. The abbrevs defined in it apply to all buffers. Each buffer may also have a local abbrev table, whose abbrev definitions take precedence over those in the global table.

Variable: local-abbrev-table
The value of this buffer-local variable is the (mode-specific) abbreviation table of the current buffer.

Variable: fundamental-mode-abbrev-table
This is the local abbrev table used in Fundamental mode; in other words, it is the local abbrev table in all buffers in Fundamental mode.

Variable: text-mode-abbrev-table
This is the local abbrev table used in Text mode.

Variable: lisp-mode-abbrev-table
This is the local abbrev table used in Lisp mode and Emacs Lisp mode.

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