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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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35. Syntax Tables

A syntax table specifies the syntactic textual function of each character. This information is used by the parsing functions, the complex movement commands, and others to determine where words, symbols, and other syntactic constructs begin and end. The current syntax table controls the meaning of the word motion functions (see section 30.2.2 Motion by Words) and the list motion functions (see section 30.2.6 Moving over Balanced Expressions), as well as the functions in this chapter.

35.1 Syntax Table Concepts  Basic concepts of syntax tables.
35.2 Syntax Descriptors  How characters are classified.
35.3 Syntax Table Functions  How to create, examine and alter syntax tables.
35.4 Syntax Properties  Overriding syntax with text properties.
35.5 Motion and Syntax  Moving over characters with certain syntaxes.
35.6 Parsing Balanced Expressions  Parsing balanced expressions using the syntax table.
35.7 Some Standard Syntax Tables  Syntax tables used by various major modes.
35.8 Syntax Table Internals  How syntax table information is stored.
35.9 Categories  Another way of classifying character syntax.

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