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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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32.17 Indentation

The indentation functions are used to examine, move to, and change whitespace that is at the beginning of a line. Some of the functions can also change whitespace elsewhere on a line. Columns and indentation count from zero at the left margin.

32.17.1 Indentation Primitives  Functions used to count and insert indentation.
32.17.2 Indentation Controlled by Major Mode  Customize indentation for different modes.
32.17.3 Indenting an Entire Region  Indent all the lines in a region.
32.17.4 Indentation Relative to Previous Lines  Indent the current line based on previous lines.
32.17.5 Adjustable "Tab Stops"  Adjustable, typewriter-like tab stops.
32.17.6 Indentation-Based Motion Commands  Move to first non-blank character.

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