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GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual

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31.4 Information from Markers

This section describes the functions for accessing the components of a marker object.

Function: marker-position marker
This function returns the position that marker points to, or nil if it points nowhere.

Function: marker-buffer marker
This function returns the buffer that marker points into, or nil if it points nowhere.

(setq m (make-marker))
     => #<marker in no buffer>
(marker-position m)
     => nil
(marker-buffer m)
     => nil

(set-marker m 3770 (current-buffer))
     => #<marker at 3770 in markers.texi>
(marker-buffer m)
     => #<buffer markers.texi>
(marker-position m)
     => 3770

Function: buffer-has-markers-at position
This function returns t if one or more markers point at position position in the current buffer.

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